Анталия – Пластическая, реконструктивная и эстетическая хирургия

доктор медицинских наук Онур ОГАН

В 2006 году доктор Онур ОГАН поступил в Университет Акдениз на медицинский факультет. После 6-летнего обучения, в 2012 году получил медицинское образование на кафедре пластической, реконструктивной и эстетической хирургии.

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It must not be forgotten that all aesthetic operations are medical procedures. Before each procedure, we create a unique treatment method for you, taking into consideration your anatomical structure, medical history, medications, if any, lifestyle and expectations.

Please don't forget that in order to make a healthy choice, you need to be transparent with your doctor and answering the questions about your medical history accurately and completely is very critical in this professional process in determining the most unique and appropriate treatment that can be offered to you.